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Okay, I have a confession. I have been a little aggressive with the way that I have been sharing things. Love is in my heart, but anger was also there and God really had to check me. I was sharing more out of anger towards injustice, people that are not understanding what is happening - and has been happening - in our world, and people that claim they are not racist but their actions say otherwise. I had a serious heart to heart with God and he shifted that for me. He opened my eyes. I still feel led to share, but coming from a place of pure love because it is not my job to condemn. We can be angry, we can want justice, we can want others to understand, but what we cannot do is point our finger. And I was pointing fingers - all ten of them. I was angry that a large majority of white people still do not understand racism and the role that we all at some point have played in contributing to racism. Because if we are not at least acknowledging that black people do indeed face struggles that white people will never face, then that is a form of racism in my eyes. But see, I’m getting away from love again.

It’s okay for me to feel the emotions. It’s okay for you to feel the emotions. But I have realized that being passive aggressive in our posts is not what is going to change the world. Love, healing, educating, encouraging, and listening among many other things is what is going to change the world. If we are angry, imagine how God is feeling. He is a just God, and I had to be reminded of that. He will take care of justice - even if it doesn’t look how we think it should look. That doesn’t mean stop peacefully protesting and spreading awareness, it just means that we should take that anger that we are feeling and put that energy into how God is using each of us to make a difference. Let’s lean into how God wants us to use our voice rather than how we want us to use our voice. Because I don’t believe that God wants us to be silent. I believe that he is going to use each of us in different ways, we just have to lean in to that. My prayer is that we can each take the steps to do so, and those steps will look different for everyone.

I want to take my anger and disappointment in society and put that into helping. Because yes, sharing resources on Instagram does bring awareness, but what else is God calling us to do? What part does he want us to play? How does he want to use our unique skills and passions? I have come to realize that our only hope is in God. I’m not going to lie... I have wondered “If God is a just God, why did he let these killings happen in the first place? Why is he allowing races to be less valued than others? Why do we all not have equal opportunities? We are all children of God...” But I had to remember that these things are absolutely not an act of God. He allows us to make our own decisions. He always knew these terrible things were going to happen, but I believe that He had to allow those things to unfold. I also believe that He will be here to pick up the pieces. But what are we going to do?

I encourage you to stop going back and fourth with someone on Facebook that is unwilling to learn. I encourage you to educate yourself and your family. I read somewhere that when you educate a man, you educate one person. When you educate a woman, you educate her whole family. So moms, be the light that you are, set an example, and think before you speak. These times that we are living in will be life changing history, but we all have to work together. Racism will not end overnight. I don’t know if it will ever end, but maybe we can make it better. Maybe we can create equal opportunities. Maybe we can support more black owned businesses. Maybe we can be a voice for wrongfully prosecuted black men. Maybe we can help addicts go to rehab rather than jail. Maybe we can provide mental health treatment for young black men and women. Maybe we can help young black men coming out of prison be successful rather than setting them up for failure. Maybe we can help heal years of trauma. Maybe we can heal hearts so gun violence can stop. Maybe we can make sure that inmates are treated like someone’s child and not an object in a cell. Maybe we can stop labeling people that we don’t know. Maybe we can learn from someone else’s success rather than being jealous of it. Maybe we can have meaningful conversations. Maybe.... just maybe.... we can be a part of the change and not the problem.

Healing is my thing. I have always felt led to help people heal and encourage them to write. That is what I’m going to focus on. While I still plan to share powerful, meaningful things on social media, I plan to ask myself these 3 questions before I share:

1| Am I being passive aggressive and directing this at someone in hopes that they read it?

2| Am I coming from a place of love?

3| Does this spread awareness + educate or create conflict?

Don’t stop the conversations, don’t stop fighting, don’t stop sharing - just lead with love. I have found that people are more open minded that way. I believe that is when we will begin to see change - when hearts and minds open to the truth.

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