What are essential oils?

Click here for a short PDF document I created that breaks down how + why Essential oils work!

Our family has been using essential oils since October 2019 and I can honestly say that it has completely changed the way that I look at everything. It has opened my eyes to the chemicals that were in our home, what we were putting on our skin, and what we were putting in our body. It made me want to explore the plants that God has provided for us and dive into their benefits. It has given me the desire to eat cleaner, be more aware of processed food, and use natural remedies for things that come up in day-to-day life. Essential oils have truly been life changing. We use them to support our immune system, our emotions, digestion, seasonal allergies, cleaning, and sleep support just to name a few things.

Where can I get them?

Well, you can get oils anywhere but quality is extremely important. If a label says not to ingest, they are not pure. If a label says not to apply topically, they are not pure. There are no regulations on essential oils which means there’s not really any rules or standards as far as ingredients go. That means that even oils that claim to be pure/organic may have additives and fillers. Some even have added fragrance which is a big no-no! When we are using oils to support our mind and body, we need to be using pure essential oils - not oils with added chemicals. 

We use Young Living essential oils because of their seed-to-seal promise. Young living has their own farms that you can visit at any time! They have nothing to hide. They control the whole entire process from planting + extracting to sending them right to our door. 

Want to join my team?

Not only have oils been life changing for our whole family but I have gained such an amazing community. Young Living has been such a blessing to me! When you get your kit, we are holding your hand on this journey! We are here to educate you, support you, guide you, and love on you! We truly are a little family. What I love about our team is the desire to get oils in the homes of every ethnicity because oils are for everyone on every walk of life. So, when you join me on this journey not only do you get some amazing oils (or oil infused products) but you gain friendship. 


Follow this link to grab your kit and be on the lookout for a welcome email from me + a fun welcome package in the mail!


Email me at myyl.shay@gmail.com with any questions that you may have or if you need help deciding which kit is right for you! No monthly requirement or no selling requirement, just wellness for your family!


Click here to join my Facebook group where I share my journey through using oils for my anxiety + other oil education. This group is open to anyone - member or not! This is a great place to start if you are wanting more information before you join.

I'd love to hear from you!

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